3D AR MAT - House Tent No.1

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The “3D AR MAT” is one of the forefronts of our cutting edge state of the art augmented reality technology. This mat is the first of its kind by having a patent, it is like no other. The 3D animals walk across the screen, feature the sounds of the specific animal & can be turned around 360 degrees. Not only does it have a wide range of different animals with the spelling of the animal on the mat, when scanned & tapped twice the word is read to your children. While they enjoy the product they learn reading, listening, spelling, phonics, and pronunciation of words. Developed using the latest augmented reality technology, the “3D AR mat” provides a safe environment for young children to learn English vocabulary and phonics while having fun. Simply download the app to any smart device and scan the mat to experience the interactive 3D images as they pop out of the screen and into real life.

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