LuLuLaLa Book 2 (Hard cover + Coloring Book)

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"LuLuLaLa: Christmas Eve" is an interactive, educational "Book+App" title designed for children of all ages. The concept of "Book+App" is a product that combines beautiful 3D animations from your mobile device with printed books to make unforgettable storytelling magic.

LuLu and LaLa get ready for Christmas while waiting for Santa Claus. To prepare, they decorate their Christmas tree, write a Christmas list, and hang stockings above their chimney in hopes of receiving a Christmas present from Santa. Will Santa bring Lulu and LaLa something special this year?

Accessing the enhanced story is very simple; just use your mobile device to scan each page of the interactive storybook and watch in amazement as LuLu and LaLa's animated tale immediately comes to life on your screen.

Parents can personalize the book for their children by using the custom voice-recording feature. Children will love feeling like they are a part of their favorite story.

The app can be downloaded on both iTunes and Google Play.

• LuLuLaLa can be used as an educational tool for both children who are just learning how to read and for ones studying English as a second language!
• Have fun watching the cute and colorful story of two sisters preparing for and meeting Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.
• Learn important lessons about sharing and helping out around the house with activities like decorating for the holidays.
• LuLuLaLa is the perfect Christmas gift for any child. It brings hours of entertainment and really puts you in the spirit of Christmas.
• If you need help, there is a built-in YouTube instructional video that will walk you through every step!

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